Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Importance of Online Advertising to Hospitality and Tourism Research Proposal

The Importance of Online Advertising to Hospitality and Tourism - Research Proposal Example In what ways has the internet changed the hospitality industry? 2. What does a consumer find when they search for information regarding their travel needs? 3. What are the methods used for the hospitality industry to connect with consumers? 4. What methods used by the hospitality industry might be considered unethical when dealing with consumers searching the internet? 5. What disadvantages can be found for the consumer as they use the internet as a means to book their travel? 6. What are the advantages of the internet as a consumer looks to book travel? By using these questions to frame the inquiry, this research project will be able to focus on the internet as a source of advertising for the hospitality industry and the effect that it has had on consumer travel practices. 1.3 Theoretical Foundation The study that is being proposed is a quantitative study that is based upon a survey instrument. Quantitative study often begins by wanting to test a conceptual model of the question. Th eory allows for predictions on which phenomena will manifest (Polit and Beck 2008, p. 57). This study predicts that the outcome to the study will suggest that internet marketing is an important part of hospitality industry advertising and that consumers have changed their travel practices as a result. The following hypotheses will frame the inquiry that is intended for this paper: Hypothesis 1: The internet has changed the way in which the hospitality industry markets to consumers. Alternative Hypothesis 1: The internet has had no effect on the way in which the hospitality industry markets to consumers. Hypothesis 2: Internet advertising has changed the way in which consumers plan for holidays and travel.... This "The Importance of Online Advertising to Hospitality and Tourism" essay describes the benefits which the Internet brought into the sphere of hospitality's advertisement. The hospitality industry, like most industries, has been impacted by the tools that the internet provides for advertising. Online capacities for the hospitality industry do not only include advertising, but the potential for transactions making travel a more accessible experience. Advertising is highly competitive on the internet with someone always coming up with new ways to attract the attention of an audience that is deluged with information all coming at them at once. The hospitality industry benefits from everything from data mining techniques to websites providing specific information. Without a web based presence it is unlikely that a hospitality industry entity would have success in this globalised and interconnected world. The research questions that have been defined for this study discuss the various stakeholders in the hospitality industry and the impact that the internet advertising potentials have had on travel. The first question asks about the changes that have been made in relationship to the hospitality industry through internet advertising and will be answered through statistical inquiry as well as anecdotal information on the topic. Secondary research will provide answers as to how the hospitality industry is currently using the internet for expanding their opportunities with consumers.

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