Monday, February 17, 2020

Analysis on Home Burial by robert frost Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis on Home Burial by robert frost - Essay Example The very first line suggests the strange and dubious aspects of her action as it is perceived by the man. It is absolutely incomprehensible and irksome to him. Making up his mind to confront her openly, he demands to know what it is that attracts her attention at the top of the stairs. He makes this demand when he sees her at the top of the stairs in the house, about to start down, but looking over her shoulders â€Å"at some fear†. She takes a doubtful step and withdraws to have one more glance. He sees her before she sees him, thus getting the full benefit of witnessing her action. He asks her to describe what she sees there â€Å"always†. When she reacts to his query by turning and sinking upon her skirts, her facial expression changing â€Å"from terrified to dull†, he asks the question again to â€Å"gain time† and starts mounting the stairs. His approach towards her is very calculated as if he is dealing with someone who has unpredictable behavioral patterns. She cowers under him as he reaches the top and refuses to offer any help: â€Å"With the least stiffening of her neck and silence she let him look†. She is firm in her belief that he will not see what she sees as he is a â€Å"blind creature† in her opinion. The woman seems to have preconceived notions with regard to his possible responses. It is also possible that she has formed her opinions based on her real experiences of living with him as his wife. But quite contrary to her notions, though he takes a while, he finally spots out the object in question without any help of even confirmation from her. When he mourns â€Å"Oh,oh† as if he is at last convinced innate justifiability of her action, she is still doubtful, rather quite convinced that he has mistaken something else for it. She demands a clarification and eventually gets it in fairly good detail. But instead of feeling surprised at his â€Å"lack of blindness† and regretting

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