Wednesday, March 4, 2020

25 Beautiful Examples of Book Illustration

25 Beautiful Examples of Book Illustration 25 Beautiful Examples of Book Illustration We all remember the signature illustrations of our childhood reads: the wild scribbles of Quentin Blake, the gentle watercolors of Beatrix Potter, the simple line drawings of Shel Silverstein, and so on. Indeed, many book illustrations become indelibly linked to the stories they depict. And they’re not just limited to picture books! Many works of literature (both classic and contemporary) benefit from great illustrations as well.To help you get a sense of your preferred style - or if you just want to look through a gallery of gorgeous images - we’ve put together  25 examples of book illustration over the past few years. These drawings come from children’s books, graphic novels, memoirs, and more, with incredible diversity in both the subjects and the illustrators themselves. So whether you’re hoping to find an illustrator for your book  or simply seeking a little inspiration, you’re sure to find something you love! 25 beautiful examples of book illustration from contemporary artists  Ã°Å¸Å½ ¨ 1. A Fine Dessert, Sophie BlackallThis piece by R. Gregory Christie can be found in Carole Boston Weatherford’s Freedom in Congo Square, which details the lives of slaves in nineteenth-century Louisiana. Each week they would look forward to a few hours off, which they’d spend celebrating in Congo Square. And though this work does an admirable job of not sugarcoating history, Christie’s striking illustrations effectively convey the three-dimensional lives of slaves: they were not merely exploited workers, but people who had their own culture, goals, and dreams, all of which were symbolized by their gatherings in Congo Square.What’s your favorite book illustration of all time? Let us know in the comments! Also, for stunning examples of book  cover  designs, check out this amazing gallery.

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