Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Kuwaiti National Studying in the United Kingdom Essay

A Kuwaiti National Studying in the United Kingdom - Essay Example The culture in Kuwaiti universities is more formal and structured. Instructors expect to be addressed using formal titles, with students to manifest respecting the barrier between students and professors, and to respect the level of prestige gained from the achievement of gaining higher education; otherwise, sanctions and penalties from violation of this code of discipline are applied. What I learned: The difference in cultural orientation has provided me with the privilege of gaining more knowledge in terms of interpersonal communication and relationships with people from various cultures and from different age groups, gender, and profession. The effects of this are an improvement in personal confidence as more training and practice were encouraged in the use of English, as a second language; and from insights and theoretical perspectives relayed by my mentors. I became happier and more optimistic, as a person, as a student, and as a colleague. How and When I Can Apply this Knowledg e: Due to experience, the improvement in English as a second language will increase future opportunities for employment, not only in Kuwait but in other global organizations, as well. Date: January 02, 2011 Place: In the University Activity Undertaken: Essay writing in the UK required the use of the Harvard style of writing. This is not at all used nor acknowledged in writing essays in Kuwait. Further, the university is very strict regarding the observance of plagiarism. It came as a culture shock to me because I panicked the first time I need to use Harvard referencing in my essay. I had to search through the library sources, through the Internet and reorient myself on rules on in-text citing, making the reference list, among others. I am also very careful in paraphrasing other authors’ statements so that I would not be charged with plagiarism.

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