Friday, August 9, 2019

Working with and leading people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Working with and leading people - Essay Example The individual abilities of the members are also reinforced as a result of working as a group. This is because the workers share their experiences and help each other out in times of difficulties. The members working in the team are also able to learn and apply their new skills in the course of executing their tasks. Working as a team enables the establishment of participation and the involvement of all team members in Tesco’s activities. This ensures that their assigned activities are performed efficiently and quickly. The decisions that are made as a result of a team working together as a group are better than the decisions an individual makes. The team members incorporate their collective experiences and skills before making a decision (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). The use of brainstorming enables the generation of ideas from different members of the group and helps in bringing in new ideas to the group. Working as a team also enables the members to feel confident of the results they present to the organization,. This is because the ideas generated by the members undergo the necessary criticisms and cross examinations before the decisions are reached. The active participation of the team members enables the generation of many diverse concepts within the organization. They eventually assi st the organization in achieving their set objectives. The concepts and ideas that the team members suggest are considered as alternatives when similar problems occur (Drucker and Ferdinar, 2006). Decision making in a team is slow though most of the times the most appropriate decisions are reached. The harmonious working of the members of a team leads to an increase in their satisfaction. The speed of accomplishing events in the organization is also increased because of the collaboration between the team members. A worker requires to have a problem solving ability as this enables him to handle complex situations. These assists the workers in meeting their

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