Friday, August 9, 2019

Social Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social Discrimination - Essay Example The need is to analyze three parties of the matter as virtue theory stresses over people. Helping vulnerable group in a company is moral and ethical. It is a healthy practice to aid vulnerable people. Once the black workers acquire skills, white workers will rethink about their attitude and black workers will be better paid and respected since the action is within moral grounds. Consequently, the action of Kaiser is ethical as the primary objective is to vanish discrimination within the company. More skills and knowledge would let the black workers acquire more influence. The experience of Weber is frustrating but the need is to coup with large scale issue. Most appropriate theory for the case is Utilitarian Theory and Justice Theory. The utility of black workers is higher than that of white workers. Hence ethical way is to provide more opportunities for the black workers. Considering Justice Theory, the present condition of the company shows inequality of the black workers. The theory suggests providing more opportunities to the black workers. The caring theory is also applicable while viewing the inter-racial relationship of the workers. It is ethically correct to enhance the position of black workers so they earn respect and stay in the equal relationship with the white workers. Virtue theory is also important in this context as the managers will deploy the existing method to reach equal level. Rights theory is least effective for the case of discrimination is ignored.

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