Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Chushingura :: essays research papers

In the play Chushingura, retainers have the highest respect for their masters. Retainers in this play will fight to the death to honor their masters. Loyalty is expected of each retainer even if the samurai must disturb public order to honor their master’s name. Enya’s retainers stay loyal to him even after his death. Forty-seven men swore to revenge their master’s death, risking their lives and disturbing public order. Even when a retainer fails his duty, he will seppuku so to die honorable for his failure. For example, Kampei believes he has shot his father in law because of the bag of gold the mistress described that Yoichibei was carrying. In reality Kamei shot Yoichibei’s killer, but ironically Kampei believes he has shot Yoichibei himself. Kampei seppuku’s for a horrible crime that he unknowingly didn’t commit because it was so dishonorable to him. Suicide was his only way to die with any honor. Kampei portrayed so much loyalty for his family that when he believes he has failed, he commits suicide. Kampei is allowed to join the attack on Moronao after the retainers see his loyalty to his family. Enya, on his deathbed, tells Yuranosuke to avenge his death. Now it is Yuranosuke’s duty to ful fill his master’s request. Enya’s loyal retainers form a group of forty-seven men and conspire to kill Moronao to honor their master. The retainers wear black and white coats that symbolize unfailing loyalty when they invade Moronao’s compound and behead him. Samurai’s have a duty to be loyal and fulfill the request of his master. Justice is a theme that the play implies about the samurai. Throughout the play Moronao insulted people, so in the ending, Enya’s retainers serve justice. For example, Moronao insults Wakasanosuke because lady Kaoyo turns him down. Wakasanosuke plans to kill him and is ready to

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