Saturday, September 7, 2019

Operating Systems and Networking Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Operating Systems and Networking - Coursework Example Background and Requirements The chosen case which requires solution is a storage and logistics company based in Surrey. Evidently through research, the company has around 200 vans with drivers running daily nationwide and 3 storage warehouses in London area. They aim to offer the best services for customers needing temporary storage spaces and deliveries (Bergman & Steven, 2009, P. 23). There is the need for any profit making company to have organizational measures and appropriate network design if the business is to run smoothly and make good profits. The organizational aspect of a company tends to incorporate a business plan which keeps the company or firm on track. Requirement Analysis Any piece of technological development comes in handy and thus being able to promote performance of organizations. The technological developments have enabled organized to adopt new materials and techniques which have as well led to an improvement in the kind of security being offered and delivery o f products (Bergman & Steven, 2009, P. 25). In that case, any given business organization should be able to adopt such technologies and apply means of security and risk management operations. Such applications are vital in ensuring that profitable business involvement has been done and eventually leading to business growth and expansion. The issue of network design and security has become a new form of development which has been able to effectively change the focus of security and business transactions in majority of the organizations today. The issue of network design is something which can have great impacts on any given organization and the reason it is something which should be adequately addressed (Bergman & Steven, 2009, P. 26). In that case, implementing network design in addition to enhancing security is one way through which several different organizations are adopting in order to become effective and competitive in the business realm. This is a new kind of network design p rovision through which technological knowledge and tools have to be incorporated, and thus has been able to change the mode of performance. In any given business, there are very many issues and operations which are done through connected networks, and which should be safeguarded to avoid any damages and losses on the organization. This is so because such kind of a loss can have very great impacts on the organization thus compromising its future developments (Bergman & Steven, 2009, P. 27). As more and more technological breakthroughs continue to be invented, similar infiltrations shall be expected and the reason the security blueprints which was mainly more of physical security has been on the change, and that shall be the case for the coming years as well. This has thus been able to integrate the use of commoditized controls which should function correctly other engaging in other forms of risks management systems. There are various functional tools or requirements that are involved in a network solution. Such functionalities vary accordingly depending with the organizational structure and the network design to be implemented. That is been the case such tools help to develop a strong and reliable network design for the organization (Bergman & Steven, 2009, P. 28). This is the design, which considerably brings positive

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