Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Definition of honor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Definition of honor - Essay Example Concept Honor is a gesture or an attitude that others display for an individual for all the deeds and accomplishments that is earned or procured for the endeavor that is beyond the scope of a common man. It is an immense pride that any group of individuals or any nation exhibits towards the undertakings performed. Honor is an encouragement for others, an ethos and own confrontation clinched by any nation to recommend for all the actions that has made the result in its favor, may it be war where the bravery has turned the consequences in favor of the nation. May it be any sports accomplishment or any research that has brought glory to the nation in front of the entire world. A statement of belief or faith that a parents who worth the conception of reputation and examination would be lawfully conceited to comprise, a son or daughter entrust to (A Concept of Honor). Honor is also institutional that is regulated by the rules that one has to abide by. This Code of Honor should never be vi olated. The Code is equally applicable to all the laws and orders that any nation prescribes. Infringement of these laws is considered as a misconduct, such behavior brings defame or dishonor to any nation or an organization. These acts could be criminal or scandals that is against the set rules and regulations. Violations of laws are accountable to punishment, retributions or expulsions (A Concept of Honor). Thus, honor also encompasses an enormous pact of tasks. These responsibilities are being taught, guided and evaluated over the time as the providence of any organization or a country relies upon set guidelines. To receive and act dependably as well as sensibly is a great deal of responsibility. These principled as well as forfeited actions bring nobility to the institution. To procure graciousness and dignity for any nation it becomes imperative for every individual to work conscientiously and meticulously within the frames and parameters of the nation's rules and regulations. It is obvious that if any individual does wrong then it directly affects that pride of the organization (A Concept of Honor). It could be understood that by means of cultural unfairness or discriminations or by sustaining dual standards, conceit of the nation is influenced. It is imperative that for the sake of honor of any organization such strokes should be evaded. There could be a variety of condone to keep the spirits of the employees at a high pace and to let them enjoy the freedom of work. This not only promotes confidence and support in favor of the nation or the organization but also brings rewards and honor for the institution (A Concept of Honor). Rewards and honor could not be forced but they are self- generated by means of actions and the feeling of belongingness that an individual possess for the nation. Unless, this feeling of belongingness is generated from within, honor of any form can never be procured. This feeling is essential for the safety of nation and to eradi cate terrorism from its roots. It is observed that in some of the developing as well as developed nations women are highly ill-treated and there is little wages for their hardships. This could not bring any honor to the nation. It is therefore essential that both men and women work in co-ordination and respect for each other to bring pride, appreciation, magnificence and glory to the nation (Honor). Conclusion In social perspectives it is

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