Saturday, September 28, 2019

Unethical decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unethical decisions - Essay Example The growing technological advancement has led to integration of the communication all over the world. Integrated information system has been a great relief to many people as well as organization when it comes to conducting electronic transactions. However, this development has been met and strained by serious unethical practices that have led to great loss of finances and jobs. Unethical practices and decisions made on the information systems have also led to disrepute to many organizations (Collier & Spaul, 1990). The integration of information system witnessed an advantageous introduction of credit cards that have been used to carry transactions involving purchasing and sales of goods and services. However, this system has since undergone intrusion occasioned by unending frauds (Shortland & Scarf, 2007). Credit cards of certain individuals have been stolen and used in purchase of goods and services by the fraudsters, thus leading loss of colossal amounts of money by the credit card companies. The same problem has been witnessed even with the use of virtual credit cards. Fraudsters have used complex techniques to get to know the secrete information of the credit cards of particular individuals and have been conducting transactions with such cards at the expense of the true holders. To confront, tackle and curb credit card frauds, Shortland and Scarf (2007) illustrate that various individuals have come with systems to assist achieve the alleviation of these widespread unethical practices. The ideas have included metalearning, and cardwatch among others that uses modifiers and classifiers to mine data and detect frauds in the system. Even though, these technologies have failed to bear desirable fruits as disorganized distribution of data and mixing of the genuine and fraudulent transactions that have complicated the functionality of the systems. Continuing research on this field has led to invention of the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) that works

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