Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Develop an arguable, creative, and unique thesis about one theme in Essay

Develop an arguable, creative, and unique thesis about one theme in The complete Persepolis - Essay Example The author uses religion as a theme in the book on several occasions. For instance, Marjane introduces herself to the reader that she comes from a religious family yet her family is not religious. As observed at the beginning of the book, â€Å"I was born with religion† (Satrapi 6) according to Islam religion, God is viewed as a unique sustainer of the entire universe and accords favor upon those who call upon Him. God is the sovereign in the spiritual aspect of people’s lives and also the physical. Marjane at the tender age of ten believed in God and set out her imaginations of God for answers. Marjane mimic the historical revolutionaries in her dressing and pretends to be Cheguavera and Fidel Castro. This imaginative character in Marjane’s autobiography that offers a comic relief of macabre imaging of revolution and war in Iran at that time is seen. The religion of Marjane helps her to endure through hard times. She believes in religion as she even claims that she is a religious prophet. She emphasizes this by telling her teacher in the class that she want to be a prophet in future. When her belief in class is isolated, and her religion taken away from her, hope is lost for a while. Religion is forced on many women, through wearing a veil. The religion revolution of Iran had a significant role; they were two different parties who participated in the revolution religion. One party involved those who were trying to strengthen the religion in Iran while the other party involved people who were focused on modernizing Iran. This situation is seen and forecasted by Marjane as evident that she is a prophet, she claims â€Å"I want to be a prophet† (Satrapi 6). The Guardians of Revolution, who are focused to make Iran a religion country, detain anyone who breaks the rule of faith, just as they stopped the family of Marjane. Thos e who fail to

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