Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Evolution of Community and Public Health Nursing Essay

Identify a minimum of 3 major events (or influences) in the evolution of community and public health nursing and describe how each event led to advancement of the field. For each event, describe the following: Key health issues at the time Perspectives and goals of community and public health nursing Roles and functions of community and public health nursing Community and public health partnerships at the time Event or Influence: No Child Left Behind Act signed into law (2001). Key health issues Over 50% failure rates noted throughout several states in the United States (Education Week, 2011). Perspective/goals Guaranteeing the quality of public education for all children in the United States with measures to hold schools accountable for their student’s progress by expanding the role of standardized testing (Frontline, 2013) Role/functions School nurses are affected indirectly by the heightened emphasis on accountability for achievement in public education. They actively promote and support achievement for all students in specific ways and help to provide a safe school environment (Costante, C., 2006). Health partnerships School administrators and school nurses come together to promote the well being of all children thus, promoting healthy lifestyles in order to children to perform to the best of his or her ability in school. Ensuring immunizations are up to date as well as supporting preventive screening. How did this event (or influence) advance community and public health nursing? Communication between families and the school district with the help of  school nurses increased the awareness of the importance of health goals. Communication increased with student websites. Promoted school nurse (Advanced Practiced Nurse) with the skills to provide primary health care to children of all ages in schools, thus improving the health and well being of children and adolescences (Keeton, V., Soleimanpour, S., & Brindis, C., 2012). Event or Influence: Balance Budget Act of 1997 created a new program to enable states of offer health insurance to children of low-income and uninsured families. Key health issues Children of low-income were uninsured therefore not receiving proper medical care for health screenings and immunizations as well as treatment for diseases such as pediatric diabetes (Balance Budget Act, 1997). Perspective/goals Projected to achieve gross federal Medicaid savings of $17 billion over those next five years and $61.4 billion over the next ten years from signing (Schneider, A., 1997). Role/functions Public health nurses were seen as having a vital role to achieve improvements in the health and social conditions of the most vulnerable populations (Kulobok, P.A., Thatcher, E., Meszaros, P.S., 2012). Health partnerships Coordination with other public and private programs providing coverage for low-income children. Assistance in helping families enrolling children in such programs. How did this event (or influence) advance community and public health nursing? Although this act helped budget finances for health care coverage for children of low income, it also advanced networks to promote primary care and preventive health care services also brought change in Medicare reimbursement practices (Allender, J., Rector, C., & Warner, K.,2014). Event or Influence: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Act was passed (1974) Key health issues Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is defined by the CDC as â€Å"the sudden  death of an infant less than one year of age that cannot be explained after a thorough investigation is conducted, including a complete autopsy, examination of death scene and review of the clinical history.† Perspective/goals To understand the underlying causes and mechanisms of the syndrome and provide prevention methods to reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Role/functions The role of the community and public health nurse would be to promote education for prevention and support for those who have had a loss due to SIDS Health partnerships National Institute of Child Health and Human Development focuses on the need for community resources. Coming together to develop educational programs to help with understanding of SIDS, preventions as well as risks. How did this event (or influence) advance community and public health nursing? The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Act helped provide information to the community through research and help understand risk factors thus reducing the incidences.

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