Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sainsbury (in branch level) Organisational diagonis and problem Essay - 1

Sainsbury (in branch level) Organisational diagonis and problem analysis - Essay Example The changes suggested in regard to the firm’s leadership should be more effectively promoted trying to avoid delays in the restructuring of the organization aiming to minimize the risk of potential damages. It seems that through an effective plan of action the firm will be able to stabilize its performance in the British market and seek for further growth. Under the influence of globalisation, firms in all industries have to continuously update their practices in order to secure their position either locally or internationally. In certain sectors, competition is extremely high, especially when firms of similar characteristics are involved. The UK supermarket industry is an indicative example. When trying to develop their organizational plans, the firms that operate in the particular industry have to face a series of challenges and barriers. Current paper focuses on the review of Sainsbury’s organizational structure and practices. Efforts are made so that the firm’s organizational problems are diagnosed; among them, one is chosen and is further analysed and evaluated. Also, recommendations are made so that the specific problem to be eliminated or, if the above target is not feasible, just to be effectively controlled. In this context, a series of change intervention methods are presented and appropriately justified, aimin g to support the improvement of the organizational performance, as expected to result from the limitation or the elimination of the firm’s key organizational problem. The research over the organizational structure and performance of Sainsbury’s is based on appropriate documentary evidence, which includes material of the following kind: books published in the academic literature, articles published by organizations focusing on financial evaluation (e.g. Bloomberg), articles of newspapers and non-governmental

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