Friday, October 18, 2019


HOW TO ATTRACT MORE BUSINESS MAJORTO QUEENSBOROUGH COMMUNITYCOLLEGE - Essay Example And this college holds a good reputation which is because of the good quality education provided by the highly qualified faculty in here and also the environment provided by the administration. They provide well-planned curriculum that helps students in learning. It also provides job training program and short courses for businessmen and professionals so that they can excel in information technology. The college offers nine associate degree courses in liberal arts and sciences and fifteen in career development area and ten specialized certificate programs. Transfer program is for the students who are planning to continue their studies after completing this course. After completing two years program from this college they will be transferred to the senior college. Career program is for those students who wish to go for their careers and jobs right after completing their degrees. The most enrolled programs include liberal arts and sciences, business administration and nursing pre clinical. The Business department of Queens Borough College is one of the best in its respect. It has produced many students which are serving in different organization right now. It offers a good combination of courses in Business administration program that covers accounting, marketing, management and information technology etc. One course that is missing in the list is the Human Resource Management. Mostly business students like to opt Human Resource Management (HRM), as it is very popular and they can go in good career after completing their degree in HRM. So I suggest that HRM should be included in the list of the subjects. The Public Relations department should be improved, the first impression that the students get is about the college is from the attitude they receive from Information Desk or Office. So the people employed in Information Desk should be well-mannered and co-operative. The students who want to study Business as their major, wants to persuade their career in this field, so the college must recognize those students and should support them fully in achieving their target. Their target could be achieved by having quality education and the second thing that counts is that how much you are interacting with the real business environment in the city. They must be given assignments and projects that could be done by going to different organizations, like this they would be given a chance to be in contact with business people and the personnel that are sitting in actual market where they will go tomorrow for job hunting. Secondly, the faculty members should also get themselves in contact with the businessmen in the city so that when the students go to any organization, they should be fully recognized and be given proper attention at that place. The method of teaching and the environment in classroom and college must be unbiased towards minorities, like foreigners, African-Americans and women. If it is not, then it's a reason of creating discrimination and also this discrimination is a major reason of repulsion from any place or any environment. If they felt like this, they would never like to come to this place and would never like to study here. Delegations should be sent in high schools and there should be some training sessions for the students also. As they are the ones who will be getting admission in college and will be the one choosing

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