Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Experience paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Experience paper - Essay Example This Basilica had been here since 1718.and what makes it more interesting is the fact that Pope John Paul II had visited this Cathedral in September 1987. The next thing that I seemed to register was the beauty of this immense structure. It is known to be one of the famous landmarks in New Orleans and had steeples that majestically looked over the green of the church compound. The sculpture of General Andrew Jackson was situated just outside the entrance of the church. The floor was marked with black and white tiles of marble and was flanked on either side by the pews that held the Bible, for all those who wanted to use them. The entrance of the Basilica had the sculpture of an angel holding a bowl of ‘Holy Water’, on either side. I saw some people dip their fingers in it and made a sign of the cross on their forehead with the water. Very soon, the pews were filled with people who maintained a peaceful silence before the proceedings could begin. The participants were mos tly between the age group of 40 – 80 yrs. There were also some younger people who came to attend the service. Most of the people were dressed in formals but there was a minority who wore casuals too. In the center facing the audience, was a huge altar that was aesthetically decorated with flowers and candles on silver candle-sticks were placed on a beautiful laced altar cloth. Surrounded by scented white flowers was a huge Bible that was edged in gold. Chandeliers were lined over the pews and there were many sculptures of Apostles in addition to an idol of Jesus on the Cross. The ‘celebrant’ for the day was Father William Mastry, who began the solemn mass with the words - ‘The Lord said, â€Å"At the end of the world behold I come to do your will O’ God. Hallelujah. He requested the Almighty for forgiveness for all the sins that we have committed. A reading was done from the book of Prophet Isaiah. The next reading was from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke. The intercession was followed by a very interesting sermon by the priest about living in a world of celebrities. He explained that A celebrity is someone who is ‘famous for being known’ for things that may be good or bad. A good majority of people spend a lot of money and resources, just so they can be visible in the public eye or in the limelight. There is a constant fear in people for being ‘old news’. He states that for those who fear obscurity should take a look at Mother Mary, who was unknown and from a small place but yet, was chosen by God to bring Jesus into the world. He stated that Mary was strong enough to be obedient. Obedience means to listen, to hear†¦ Many marriages and friendships fall apart and die because people these days are not humble enough to listen to the other person. He said to give God a human face, in whatever we do and wherever we are, be it a hospital, prison or at home. Following the sermon, the mass proceed ed into the offering of ‘Bread and Wine. The bread is believed to be the body of Christ, while the wine is the blood of Christ. The priest blessed these gifts with prayer and the congregation participated by answering the prayer. After blessing, communion took place with people coming to the center in lines and receiving the bread given by the priest on their tongue. They returned with their heads bowed and continued their personal prayer of thanking God for his blessings. The things that had been used for

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