Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What Specific Problems Could Be Created By the Permanent Assignment of Essay

What Specific Problems Could Be Created By the Permanent Assignment of a Judge to the Juvenile Division - Essay Example The researcher states that now the court administration is contemplating on whether or not it will be a wise decision to permanently assign a judge to the juvenile division. For a while, this idea might appear to be a sensible solution to the problem of increasing workload. By assigning a judge permanently to the juvenile division, the current hybrid approach of the court can be controlled considerably. Hence, the risk of increased ambiguity on the part of the court staffs will be lessened. Moreover, the efficiency of the different categories of the justice system can be increased if specialist judges are given permanent assignments to their respective area of specialization. However, every legal expect would not agree with the idea of permanent assignment. The permanent assignment may be theoretically a rewarding idea. Nevertheless, a judge who has to handle a permanent assignment is repeatedly exposed to the same type of cases. According to Baum, short term and long term specializa tions are the two most prominent categories of specialization in law. Hence, specialist judges are better trained in handling special courts and cases. Nevertheless, when some judges are given â€Å"permanent assignments to particular types of cases, including, by definition, judges who serve on specialized courts†, they face high psychological stress. This psychological stress results from repeated hearing of the same sort of cases. And if the court administrator starts to give a selected judge (particularly one who has been serving in a hybrid court system) similar cases constantly, he/she may be overwhelmed. Of course, the judge has to see the same sort of crimes, face the same sort of questions, and deal with the same branch of law (here, it is the juvenile code) all the time. In fact, when a judge is aware that he/she will have to hear the same kind of cases for a long period of time, this very reality may affect the way he/she thinks.

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