Thursday, October 17, 2019

History of Industrial Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

History of Industrial Design - Essay Example As a result of these negative impacts, major players such as Germany made great improvements to secure the future of plastics. Some of these changes were around things such as an assumption that the consumers would willingly and eagerly purchase the new and advanced plastic (Venturi & Rauch, 1978). Secondly, there was also the aspect of an emerging mass-culture. Mass media completely changed the culture of the plastic consumers. Also intensified new communication forms that never existed before made a cultural climate change inevitable. This plastic influence on culture emanating from the earlier motives of innovation and substitution drastically conditions the people’s perception on plastics and lifestyles. As a result of these changes, plastics continue to exist in the present world. High tech plastics are been applied in a world of places. The absolute dominance of plastics has to the world that it is not a bad thing as it was once thought. The American architect wrote his Complexity and contradiction in architecture to verify a fact in the theory of architecture and practice. Venturi tries to reinforce the principles of architecture back a mainstream that is always established under the popular culture. In his work, Venturi privileged some issues in an attempt to underscore his objective. Venturi privileged the non-straightforward Architecture. He clearly puts it clear the he appreciate and likes elements that are hybrid as opposed to pure, He also puts it openly that he likes elements that are distorted as opposed to straight forward ones (Venturi & Rauch, 1978). Secondly, on contradiction and simplification, he puts out clearly that the modern architects have opted for the primitive methods of solving problems while ignoring the most diverse and sophisticated ones. Venturi believes that for perfect work then the architects must establish a balance between these two sides of the coin. And lastly, venture also touches on the ambiguity.

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